The Single-Point Approach™ to Investment Banking

At EKS&H Capital Advisors, we recognize that one of the leading reasons why middle-market financing transactions fail is that buyers and sellers typically rely on a disparate mix of domain experts who don’t provide a unified or integrated vision for success.

The investment banking community is accustomed to this type of all-hands-on-deck “transaction-first” model. We’re committed to introducing a one-team-on-deck “relationship-first” model: The Single-Point Approach.™ We believe that carefully cultivated, closely managed, and individually tailored relationships between clients and a single-point, integrated advisory team are what lead to the most rewarding outcomes. It’s a mutually beneficial investment of time, energy, flexibility, and resources on the part of both our clients and our team.

As our name implies, we have seamless access to the broad range of accounting and tax services provided by EKS&H. That expertise is complemented by the significant buy- and sell-side M&A, capital formation, and strategic business advisory experience of our dedicated investment banking team. This model allows us to completely focus on harnessing all the critical services that owners, CEOs and buyers need in order to complete a successful transaction in a wholly integrated fashion and to do so with their needs and expectations always being our priority.

Primary Service Offerings

M&A Advisory

In today’s transaction-risk environment, business owners and their key stakeholders need to have immediate access to a full suite of the very best guidance to accomplish their goals. More so than ever, they understand just how important it is that their company has covered all the bases to ensure there are no surprises during what should be a carefully orchestrated process.

Acquisition Advisory

Business acquisition is not just about the formal exchange of assets and capital. It’s about setting clear and specific strategic parameters for the right targets and structuring a transaction in a way that rewards both the buyer and the seller. Rigorous planning, data gathering and analysis, thorough due diligence, and careful transaction structuring are the anchors of how we approach this process.

Capital Formation

Identifying the best sources of capital to achieve strategic financial objectives while balancing and managing risk for an optimal outcome is complex. It requires finding the right combination of senior debt, mezzanine debt, and/or equity and then structuring the deal terms to best benefit the client. Our team has hundreds of regional, national, and global relationships with capital providers in myriad forms, allowing us to orchestrate tailored transactions that match specific strategic objectives and mitigate risks.

Strategic Advisory

Successful business owners necessarily have a firm grip on their companies, their competitive advantages, their clients, and their markets. But most find it challenging to understand how their companies should be valued for investment. As trusted strategic advisors, we help them understand the factors that drive value, what might cause that value to diminish, and what steps need to be taken to create maximum value. In order to provide the best counsel, we constantly engage with buyers—both strategic and institutional—to keep abreast of valuation drivers in today’s fluctuating environment.

Transaction-Specific Expertise

Wealth Advisory

As local, state, and federal governments look to grow revenue, regulation and complexity pose greater challenges for wealthy individuals and families. Our wealth advisory practice offers comprehensive assistance to help preserve and manage their hard-earned assets. This service necessarily extends to investors, corporate executives, and business owners.

State & Local Tax Assessment

State and local taxes can be a major sticking point of a negotiation and an impediment to a successful transaction. It’s something that must be addressed early on in the process. Sales and use tax, multistate income and franchise tax, nexus studies, Forms K-1 for pass-through entities, special purpose entities, apportionment factor planning, intercompany debt, unclaimed property, and multistate payroll reporting and management reviews are all important aspects of our assessments.

Transaction Tax Strategy

Transaction taxes can be very complicated. Waiting until the transaction is about to close or while negotiating an LOI is absolutely the wrong time to start thinking about how to structure the transaction to minimize any onerous and often unforeseen tax consequences. We make sure that the tax strategy is set before we take an opportunity to market. This ensures our clients fully understand potential tax implications of a transaction, and simultaneously, how to capitalize on tax-saving opportunities.

Growth Modeling

A key consideration for any acquirer is what the future might hold for a targeted company and how comprehensive and realistic the assumptions are for future growth opportunities. Our team helps clients develop the sophisticated, bottom-up pro forma modeling that investors expect to see when evaluating an opportunity.

Seller Preparation

Scrupulously discerning underlying risks and quantifying how they might negatively affect an investment early on in the process is essential to a successful transaction. This allows the client to address them without the scrutiny and timelines of prospective investors and/or their advisors. All too often, due diligence is performed after the LOI is executed, exposing problems and resultant risks far too late.

Business Valuation

Understanding the interplay of business equity, debt, and intangibles is vital for strategic positioning, M&A negotiation, family estate planning and financial reporting. We employ a rigorous process to discern and analyze these implications so that valuations are well-informed and defensible and the resultant transaction achieves both parties’ goals.