Acquisition Advisory

EKS&H Acquires Infolink


EKS&H sought to enter the tech services space via an acquisition of a tech services firm in the Rocky Mountain region.  EKS&H had pursued acquisitions opportunistically and episodically, wasting time and money on unfruitful pursuits.  Company sought to streamline process with targeted search.


Executed a strategic buy-side process over 6-month period to:

  • Establish Investment Thesis defining parameters for buying a firm and what a “successful” acquisition looks like
  • Establish market-based guidelines for deal structure and risk-allocation components
  • Identify and approach 100+ prospect companies, passing them through the Investment Thesis filter, to quickly narrow focus to a dozen candidates
  • Extensive meetings with the dozen to narrow down to five
  • Ran reverse auction among remaining five to identify best candidate with best culture and terms
  • Selected best firm, ensuring compliance to Investment Thesis with emphasis on cultural fit
  • Negotiated, documented (with legal counsel) transaction and close


Streamlined process identified the exact right acquisition target to accomplish EKS&H’s strategic objective.  Cultural fit resulted in no employee attrition in first year after transaction. Target is a growing, contributing, and profitable practice within EKS&H.

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