Strategic Advisory

Investor Market Assessment for Tech Services Firm


In anticipation of going to market, client sought to understand their perceived value in the market and what factors about the company positively or negatively impacted that perception of value.


Prospective investors and buyers were surveyed to assess market perception of company value, drivers of enhanced value, and characteristics that leak value out of the business:

  • Identify set of strategic and financial market participants to approach
  • Confidential and blind approach to assess: estimated value range, characteristics of profile that enhance value or detract from value
  • Assessed appetite for acquisitions over time and expected return rates from investments
  • Identified key value drivers for business according to buyer appetite
  • Created roadmap of enhancements to business to shore up value leaks and enhance drivers that are attainable in intermediate time-frame and most contribute to enterprise value
  • Provided framework for financial assessment and prioritization of candidate initiatives


Customer was provided roadmap for organizational and operational development/adjustment to enhance and optimize the value of the company in anticipation of future recap activity.

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