Acquisition Advisory

PE-Backed Tech Infrastructure Company Acquires Add-ons


$5 billion AUM PE firm with tech infrastructure portfolio company held company for three years of anticipated 5-year hold period with modest organic growth.  PE needed to realize significant growth to achieve revenue and EBITDA levels to allow for higher EBITDA multiples for disposition of the asset.


Work with PE principals and portfolio company management to quickly identify and acquire tuck-ins to accelerate growth of portfolio company.

  • Refine investment thesis with PE principals and company senior management.
  • Research and identify list of strategic targets to fill out portfolio company offerings while bulking revenue and EBITDA. List comprised companies across North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.
  • Storyboard value proposition for each target to ensure targets engage and listen to the unique opportunity presented by company.
  • Approach, qualify, and engage targets in discussion.
  • Shepherd those interested through LOI, due diligence, documentation, and close.


Four separate and simultaneous acquisitions were facilitated, allowing portfolio company to bulk up to necessary financial performance to attract buyers on secondary market.  Portfolio company was sold to another private equity group, achieving returns beyond expectations from the investment thesis.

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